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You have just found the cutting edge leader for traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation in Michigan. Our approach is based on decades of research that cast aside the old institutional type settings that you will find at antiquated group homes and huge, institutional rehabilitation facilities spread throughout Michigan.

Communicare Michigan is dedicated to the advancement of our Members quality of life and acquisition of functional skills to return them to independent community living and away from group homes and large institutions. Our treatment approach is centered around pro-active interactions and preventive teaching that is implemented in the communities in which our Members live, instead of sheltered, institutional programs which prevent community involvement. The full community re-integration of our Members allows them to learn from our specialized brain injury specialist and the role models found naturally in our communities such as bankers, postal workers, waitresses, priests and neighbors. This may be the most important aspect of a rehabilitation plan as we know that all of us learn from and behave like those we interact with the most.

If you learn and interact with others in an institution, you become institutionalized. If you learn and interact with others in the community, you become a member of the community. At Communicare Michigan, we strive for all of our Members to be community members! Please contact us for more information.

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Functional Rehabilitation

Communicare Michigan offers services through two community based rehabilitation models: Outpatient Rehabilitation Services and Home and Community Based Rehabilitation Services
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Community Re-Entry

Communicare Michigan utilizes neighborhood organizations, local businesses and other community based resources to re-integrate its Members into independent community living.
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Work Skills

At Communicare Michigan, Members can obtain employment through a vocational program that offers meaningful work and promotes responsibility and self worth.
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