We offer many dynamic therapy services.

Therapy is offered as outpatient services that can occur in the home or on site in any of our 4 locations: Bloomfield Hills, Rochester, and Utica, Michigan and Lake Tarpon, Florida. Outpatient therapies are able to conduct services with coordinated benefits through many insurances.

While each person’s unique needs and goals are given primary focus, our collaborative team of therapists work closely together to integrate their rehabilitative and restorative support in order to provide the greatest and most effective level of care.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy addresses the physical, cognitive and psychosocial aspects that affect performance in a variety of contexts due to changes in physical, mental health, well being and quality of life after an injury or condition.


Speech language Pathology

Speech Language Pathology provides training and guidance for our clients to improve upon and practice communication and cognitive skills for full participation and engagement within the community.

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Cognitive therapy

Cognitive Therapy focuses on rehabilitation of impaired memory (short or long term memory loss), disorientation, difficulty sequencing, problem solving, safety awareness, difficulty managing medication or personal finances, mathematical computation, reduced attention and concentration.


Mental Health Therapy

Mental Health Therapists use a range of evidence based therapeutic approaches to address our members’ psychological and emotional needs along with treating their physical or cognitive impairments.

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Art Therapy

Art Therapy uses the creative expression process, art materials and images, as well as client responses to artwork in order to assess, treat, and rehabilitate our members’ mental, emotional, and physical disorders.