Speech Language Pathology

Speech language pathology provides training and guidance for Communicare Michigan clients to improve upon and practice communication, swallowing and cognitive skills for full participation and engagement within the community.

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Some treatment areas include:

Speech Disorders-voice (vocal quality changes, vocal cord paralysis, polyps and nodules), apraxia (difficulty imitating speech sounds, change in rate, inconsistent errors), dysarthria (slurred speech, hoarseness, breathiness), articulation, accent reduction, fluency (stuttering), post tracheotomy care/management 

Language Disorders- aphasia (receptive and/or expressive language deficits, word retrieval errors, difficulties with written expression, reading comprehension, auditory comprehension and processing deficits), higher level language deficits (forward planning, time management, organizational skills)

Cognitive Disorders-impaired memory (short or long term memory loss), disorientation, difficulty sequencing, problem solving, safety awareness, difficulty managing medication or personal finances, mathematical computation, reduced attention and concentration

Dysphagia- coughing, choking, wet/gurgly vocal quality, drooling, weight loss, changes in appetite, diet texture analysis; training of compensatory swallow strategies, oral motor exercises, pharyngeal strengthening, expiratory muscle strength training