Discover the CMI difference at each of our four beautiful locations, especially tailored to enrich and inspire all who enter.

Health and Wellness in

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Healthy living for the mind, body and spirit abound in this peacefully serene setting. This day program highlights nutritional and dietary choice making, cooking, meditation, cranial sacral therapy, yoga, and other relaxation and mindfulness techniques. 

Communicare on Canvas in

Rochester, Michigan

Creativity and color will inspire you here in this welcoming space where self expression is fostered. This day program highlights diverse and varied artistic processes and choice. Personal expression is fostered through individualized creative inspiration. Everyone is provided assistance to discover their own unique style and process. Members are also encouraged to exhibit their artwork in the gallery and in the community as well as create art for our small gift shop where all purchases fund more creations.

Utica Cabins in

Utica, michigan

Get cozy in the up north lodge style setting while enjoying many on and off site recreational activities. This day program features a woodworking studio, billiards room, outdoor recreational games, and diverse outings into the community. Our members work together to solve the mystery of the Escape Room, hit golf balls at a driving range, visit local museums and tour cultural institutions that represent our community’s richly diverse heritage. We accommodate our member’s skills and abilities for all recreational activities and welcome their input when planning the weekly outings.

The Tropical Paradise Location

Tarpon springs, Florida

Refresh yourself in the Sunshine State. Highlights of this day program include a variety of activities, including making crafts, kayaking, boating, cooking, in a structured rehabilitative program.