Photograph by Carly Rydquist

Since 1998, Communicare Michigan has been the gateway that allows clients to access their highest potential in their Traumatic Brain Injury healing. We continue to be at the forefront of leading edge expertise, devoted care and post traumatic success.

Our mission

Communicare Michigan, LLC is dedicated to providing brain injury survivors and individuals with other neurological impairments the skills and supports necessary to attain their highest level of functioning and quality of life in a supportive, community environment.


Built on the foundation of Communicare Michigan’s mission statement, our vision is to create programs in communities that closely resemble those where our members and their families reside. By providing individuals with the opportunity to live in a normalized, community setting, our members practice newly acquired skills while utilizing supportive program services.

What We've Achieved

  • Impressively opening four new location sites to treat our members.

  • Providing care for those with coordinated benefits; as in-house clinical team is paneled with most insurance carriers.

  • Providing Neuropsychological evaluations by trained professionals from start to finish, no outsourcing.

  • Adding unique rehabilitation services to our Day Programs such as cranial sacral, nutrition, wood working, EMDR, family education, yoga, meditation and art therapy to enhance the traditional rehabilitative process.

  • In house work hardening where our members can learn the practical skills to reintegrate into sustainable employment.

  • Recreational programming for social reintegration and community inclusion.

  • Provide in home therapy for those unable to travel to one of our programs.

  • Beautiful Semi-independent housing that provides safety, structure and support in the least restrictive environment.

  • Coming in summer of 2019 a full on site recreation rehab location.

  • In house pharmacy to aid in medication compliance.