Occupational Therapy

At Communicare Michigan, purpose & growth are key. Members are equipped with the skills to live their best quality life in both home and community based environments.


Some treatment Strategies include:

  • Pre-vocational skills– resume building to return to work, interview skills, locating employment opportunities, and assessing physical and cognitive abilities related to job performance.

  • Therapeutic exercises and functional movements– increasing range of motion, strengthening activities, coordination, joint protection and energy conservation techniques.

  • Education– collaborate with clients to complete financial aid, meet with academic advisors, assist with academic planning, and setting up resources in classroom.

  • Functional memory skills– compensatory strategies such as using assistive technology to increase memory during activities of daily living.

  • Home management tasks– meal planning and cooking skills, budgeting and money management, creating routines for daily activities, cleaning and organizational skills, and time-management techniques.

  • Self-care tasks– health maintenance and wellness education, coping strategies, stress management techniques and education to improve self-care. Self-care training is utilized to support healthy and active engagement in occupations.

  • Leisure exploration and participation – identifying leisure interests, skills and opportunities to improve leisure engagement. Maintaining a balance of leisure engagement is essential to improve overall wellness.

  • Community reintegration– to regain skills in the community and workplace through the use of guided instruction. Re-engagement in the community helps promote social participation, communication skills and relationship building with others in community based settings.