Molly Diana has been with the Communicare Michigan team since early 2019 serving as an Art Therapist and Site Manager for the Art Program located in Rochester, Michigan. She is a nationally certified Art Therapist through the Art Therapy Credentialing Board and has been practicing art therapy in a wide variety of settings with many diverse people for more than 20 years. Molly began her professional career at Lakeshore Public Schools, creating an art therapy program for at risk youth as a part of her Master’s Thesis work. She then worked at the Detroit Institute of Arts and with VSA Michigan as an arts educator for nearly 10 years before collaboratively piloting and coordinating the award winning Studio 1 outreach art programs for the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center. During this time, she also initiated the Healing Arts Program for McLaren Macomb Hospital, facilitating art therapeutic interventions with cancer patients, both inpatient and outpatient, for 15 years. Most recently, Molly has been fortunate to work with students who have disabilities for Lamphere Public Schools and Bloomfield Hills Public Schools. Molly is currently the Art Therapist for the Christ Child House in Detroit, Michigan, facilitating art therapeutic interventions for boys in a residential treatment home who have experienced severe neglect and abuse. In addition, Molly maintains a small private practice and teaches multiple undergraduate Art Therapy courses for the college students at the College for Creative Studies. Molly is particularly versed in helping people work through trauma, grief, life transitions, and emotional awareness. She is now very happy to be working with people who have experienced traumatic brain injuries.

Molly is a beloved teacher and art therapist in the metro Detroit community and in 2014 was included in Brooks Patterson’s Elite 40 Under 40 class for her work as both an art therapist and artist. In addition to all of her art therapy work, Molly is a professional artist who exhibits her art work throughout the region in both public arenas and arts galleries. Her artistic research interests primarily focus on multi dimensional symbols of transformation, power, and natural energetic law. She currently has a sculpture, titled Love Above Ground, on the campus of Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, Michigan and has had her paintings and sculpture included in Royal Oak’s Art Explored program for 4 years.

Molly is passionate about all of her work and those she has been fortunate to work with. She has committed her life to living creatively and empowering others to believe in their highest potential as creative beings. She is eternally grateful to both the organizations who provide creative opportunities for all people and to the people who have inspired her to be more creative as well.