Lora graduated with a Bachelors in Food Science and Nutrition in 2018 from Wayne State University. As an undergraduate, Lora dedicated years of volunteering in Detroit to nourish children and adults that face limited access to nutritionally dense foods. She utilized Green Plots in the city to harvest fruits and vegetables that were given to the surrounding residents, and also provided nutritional education seminars. She began her career with Communicare Michigan as a Life Skills Staff and has transitioned into the role of Bloomfield Wellness and Health Site Manager and Nutritionist. Lora is dedicated to coaching members into adopting healthier lifestyle choices by using motivational coaching, food preparation skills, nutritional lesson plans, meal planning, proper food storage and guidance in tracking steps to reach the member’s ultimate goal. Lora is passionate about providing evidence based practices to ensure that members achieve the best nutritional education and care using current research and continuous educational training.