Home and Community Based Rehabilitation

Communicare Michigan offers a semi-independent rehabilitation supportive living environment. This level of programing is community based for individuals who have sustained an injury to the brain (Traumatic Brain Injury; TBI), or have other neurologic impairments. The services are necessary and appropriate for individuals who are in need of a structured environment with the least restrictive level of care; a community based Home/Program.

HCBR provides a level of care for TBI survivors that promotes the enhancement of their maximum potential with continued support and teaching, to improve functional living skills, social skills, and self-government skills; if given the opportunity to live with others in a community based Home/Program.


Communicare Michigan provides three different styles of housing opportunities for clients. Housing options offer tiered levels of structure in order to support the least restrictive quality of care for semi-independent living. The Utica Cabin apartments offer the highest amount of structure and supervision with the goal of seeing clients gradually transition into houses and condo apartments in their community of choice.



24 Hour on call assistance and Emergency care

Staff are readily able to assist all clients living in our semi-independent home and community based settings. This service is provided by Communicare Michigan staff who are seasoned in a minimum of management level of employment.



Care coordination

Provided to all HCBR clients to assist with continuity of care that includes, but is not limited to, scheduling doctor’s appointments, medication management, obtaining appropriate prescriptions of care, transportation and court appointments.



Behavioral and clinical interventions

When warranted, interventions are designed with the client’s welfare and safety in mind. Clinical interventions are based on improving functionality, strengthening interpersonal skills, and providing opportunities in a more natural and normalized environment.


Medication management

If physician prescribed, medication management is provided to ensure the client is taking medications as prescribed. This service is provided by a Nurse Practitioner and medications are packed, documented and reviewed weekly.




Transportation is provided for medical appointments, community inclusion and other TBI rehabilitative needs.

Day program

Five days per week, Monday through Friday, with the goal of cognitive specific rehabilitation and is provided in any of our four settings. This includes our work hardening program where clients may earn a minimum wage salary and obtain the basic skill sets necessary for sustainable employment in the community.

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Daily safety checks

Safety checks of the home are conducted by management. This ensures that there is an adequate amount of food in the cupboards and refrigerator, trip hazards and fire hazards are eliminated, all electrical devices are maintained, the stove and other appliances are turned off when not in use, multiple extension cords are not being used, cleaning and laundry are being conducted. Appropriate cueing, prompting, and assisting is implemented when necessary.

Monthly treatment team meetings

Clients are given the opportunity to assist in tailoring their individual program goals through our therapeutically based day programming and cognitive rehabilitation services.