Cognitive Therapy

At Communicare Michigan, Cognitive Therapy is a part of the focus for every activity conducted during the day programming. Emphasis is placed on strengthening the cognitive skills necessary for greater independent living, communication skills, building positive relationships and self care management.

work hardening skills.jpg

Some focus areas include:

  • Executive Functioning

    Tasks include goal setting and problem solving strategies, decision making, planning and organization, self- monitoring and self correction skills.

  • Memory Development

    Improvement occurs with structured list learning, paragraph learning and visual learning tasks, memory drills, daily news recall, organization of items and with room.

  • Memory Compensation Strategies

    Strategies utilize a notebook or electronic device as a memory aide, calendar organization, daily reviews of schedule and medication management.

  • Attention and Organization

    Includes daily news recall, orientation tasks, completing tasks, auditory attention, visual scanning and attention to detail, and basic math skills.

  • Language and Communication

    Strengthens expressive skills in a one on one meetings or in social settings, practicing written language, comprehension of spoken language, and non verbal communication skills.

  • Visual-Perceptual Skills

    Builds visual attention, visual scanning, visual processing, dimensional perception, and visual problem solving.

  • Learning Strategies

    Assists with mnemonics for memory retention, making lists, recall proficiency, repetition of skills, recognizing cues from others and following instructions.

  • Information Processing

    Processing complex math skills, efficiency performance, accuracy and speed, and complex levels of processing while considering the pros and cons of choices.