Since Caren’s start with the company in 2012, she has held five different positions- all providing a different level of care to the individuals that Communicare serves. She came to the team as a Life Skills staff, engaging daily with clients in their homes and community based settings. As Caren grew into her role, she took on the task of a Shift lead- managing the work of other Life Skills Staff- to ensure continuity of care in the training new team members. Once she received her Bachelors in Education in 2015 from Oakland University, she became the Manager for the Rochester site, overseeing the day to day operations of the art program. The skills that Caren learned from lesson planning directly influenced her ability to coordinated the many moving parts for scheduling care for each client at her site. Once comfortable in her new role, she then took on the role of Operations Supervisor- looking over all of the day program facilities to ensure that structure and scheduling was consistent across the board. This need for consistency ultimately lead to her current position as Corporate Compliance. Every position she has held before this required a different skill set when interacting with the members. As Corporate Compliance, she has the ability to pass on this knowledge to the team so that the care each member receives is second to none.

Working with TBI survivors has always been near and dear to her heart as she has experienced the loss of both of her grandfathers to brain related injuries. Making the difference in the lives of those affected by the same ailments as her family brings a higher purpose to her life and career choice. Her CMI work experience, combined with her Bachelors in Education degree, has provided her with the tools that she needs to ensure the safety and well-being of our members.