Dear Representative,

“It could happen to anyone. It happened to us.”

This week, Communicare took part in writing personal letters to our state lawmakers. We wanted to make sure that our members voices and stories were heard loud and clear! We are also sending these letters to thank the representatives who voted NO on the passing of this bill, in efforts to keep Auto No-Fault!

It is very important to continue the fight for the right to recover for all auto accidents victims past, present, and future, and for organizations like ours to get them the care that they need.

Please join us in this effort, by calling, writing, or emailing your lawmakers who voted on PA 21 & 22, because the passing of this bill does nothing but offer the hollow promise of lowering auto insurance rates at the true cost of dismantling the needed coverage Michigan once had.

Going The Distance For Michigan Auto Insurance Promise!


On Monday, September 23rd, 2019, our very own Kristen Husted McCoy joined alongside, Julie Bise, on an impressive journey from Clarkston to Lansing on foot. That’s right, these two women walked a total of 62 miles in just 48 hours.

This all came into fruition from Julie Bise honoring her mother’s efforts to fight for those injured in car accidents to get the right care needed to recover.

Julie’s Mother - “Fancy Nancy”

Julie’s Mother - “Fancy Nancy”

“I’m walking 62 miles in honor of my mother. If she could spend endless hours in a wheelchair sitting in front of the Capitol, I can walk 62 miles to help build awareness,” Julie stated.

With the proposed changes that our Governor wants to introduce, victims of tragedy will face devastating changes with their care. Bringing awareness to this major issue is what this walk is all about.

These two ladies were joined by many supporters along the way who believe in the “Right to Recover!” and are fighting to “Fix the Fix!” They showed their support in many ways, whether it was by walking a portion of the way, volunteering at a checkpoint, or riding alongside the walkers and cheering them on!


On the morning of September 23rd, there was a send-off ceremony organized, where Robert Raitt from Michigan Auto Law started with a motivating and heartfelt speech. He was then followed by John Prosser who sent the walkers off with a prayer. They made their way through each checkpoint, where volunteers gathered to bring them food, water, and anything they needed along the way. The walkers traveled just over 30 miles, all the way to Byron, MI the first night. They then rested for what the next day would bring.

Tuesday, September 24th, Day 2, was the home stretch to the Capital. They finished with just over 32 miles and managed to complete the journey in high spirits, feeling accomplished and ready for the Michigan Insurance Promise Rally that would take place Wednesday, September, 25th.

This powerful image was taken and posted by CPAN. This took place after the rally to leave a lasting impression on the front lawn of the Capital to our state legislators.

This powerful image was taken and posted by CPAN. This took place after the rally to leave a lasting impression on the front lawn of the Capital to our state legislators.

This rally brought together over 3,000 people in the industry. Together we made a difference on the steps of the Capital. Our voices were heard, our stories were told, and we made a step in the right direction to bringing back the Auto No-Fault we once had.

The rally may have ended, but the right amount of care for these victims should have never ended.

Watch the video below to see how this inspirational walk lead up to an amazing turn out at the Michigan Insurance Promise Rally, and to see what a difference we can all make when we come together to fight to FIX THE FIX!

CMI Proudly Participates in "The Memory Project"

About 3 months ago, we found out about an amazing program called The Memory Project, and we instantly knew we had to be a part of it.

The Memory Project brings awareness, friendships, and kindness from one culture to another through art. Molly, our Art Therapist, lead us in creating these beautiful portraits that would soon be delivered to a group of orphaned children in Pakistan. Our drawings and paintings, along with three thousand other artist’s, were joined in this effort to bring a smile to the faces of these children. Not only does this create a beautiful memory for the children, but for our team here at CMI as well.

Click the link below to see a video that shows a little more of what we are so proud to have been a part of!