Vocational Rehabilitation and Work Skill Services

Works Skills are offered at each Clubhouse during normal business hours (8am-5pm) to simulate “real-life” employment. Through numerous job opportunities, Members are able to work for minimum wage as an employee of Communicare Michigan. Whether Members decide to work in the culinary arts program, create art for the gallery space, or take photos for the Newsletter, they will complete an application, be interviewed for their desired position, and then be given the opportunity to become meaningful participants in the day to day operations of the Clubhouse.

Because each Member holds a position that is vital to the daily operations of the program, Members take pride in their work and develop a teamwork approach because they understand that without their dedication, carpets do not get vacuumed, artwork is not created and sold, and lunch is not prepared. While participating in the work skills program, Members work alongside a Life Skills Specialist who serves as a mentor/seasoned employee, who teaches and models necessary work skills such as punctuality, getting along with peers, following direction, and completion of tasks.

While it’s not our intention to teach a Member a working trade, it is our hope that they will learn the fundamental work skills necessary to obtain and keep a job in the community.

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