Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Models

Rehabilitation programs utilized to create a continuum of care:

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Communicare Michigan Members who wish to remain at home with family have the option to attend programming daily at any of our clubhouses through our Outpatient Services Program. Prior to admission, the treatment team will develop an individualized treatment plan which meets the needs of the Member and their family to allow for a smooth integration between daily programming and home life. Clinicians can even provide treatment in a Member’s home if necessary.

Home and Community Based Rehabilitation (HCBR) Services

Many of our Members may not have a private home in which they reside because they are leaving a group home or a large institution. To provide our Members with the opportunity to utilize previously learned skills in a less restrictive setting, our Home and Community Based Rehabilitation Services offer the support and guidance needed to allow our Members to live independently in the community. Based on each Member’s individual needs, Communicare Michigan will assist Members with finding a home in the local community with built-in structure and support in an effort to maintain members’ functional gains. A 24-hour emergency response team has been created to assist our HCBR Members in times of need.

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