Communicare's Mission

Communicare Michigan, LLC is dedicated to providing brain injury survivors and individuals with other neurological impairments the skills and supports necessary to attain their highest level of functioning and quality of life in a supportive, community environment.


In this supportive, therapeutic environment Members make continual strides toward independence. Our highly trained Masters and Doctorate level clinicians provide evidenced based therapies and individualized training so that our Members can reach their fullest potential.   Members are continuously provided novel and varied opportunities to practice newly acquired skills in a community setting.

Our Mission Together

This philosophy acknowledges the rights and dignity of the individual and recognizes that the Client is the most important member of the treatment process.

Vision Statement

Built on the foundation of Communicare Michigan’s mission statement, our vision is to create programs in communities that closely resemble those where our Members and their families reside. By providing individuals with the opportunity to live in a normalized, community setting, our Members practice newly acquired skills while utilizing supportive program services.

Guiding Principles

Communicare Michigan Guiding Principals

  • Member treatment is directed toward the least restrictive alternative based on clinical need and outcome.
  • Clinical interventions are designed with the Members’ welfare and safety in mind.
  • Clinical interventions are based on improving functionality, strengthening interpersonal skills, and providing opportunities in a more natural and normalized environment.
  • Treatment has a “Wellness” versus  “Sickness” approach focusing on Member’s strengths.
  • Therapies are designed to foster positive momentum that encourages Members when they are learning new skills and compensatory strategies.
  • Members are given the opportunity to participate in the planning and development of their program goals.

Core Values

  • Quality treatment: Through 24-hour assistance and emergency care in a supported independent home and/or community setting.
  • Program evaluation: Program evaluation provided by Members, staff, and community members will be used to ensure program effectiveness and quality.
  • Member and family adjustment: Through effective family education and guidance, Communicare Michigan works to increase Member advocacy and understanding of the residual effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
  • Fostering a return to the community: Communicare Michigan works to develop a system of personal and community resources that support successful community reintegration.
  • Community awareness: Through presentations with public organizations, allied health professionals, brain injury support groups, and legislative bodies, we seek to increase community awareness about the need for a supportive and  therapeutic environment  for individuals with TBI and neurological impairment.
  • Staff education: Through advanced training, Communicare Michigan aims to provide the resources necessary for continued education and professional development of its staff.

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